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BRUTEforce® 180PT PLUS MultiFunctional Trainer - Weight Pulleys - Smith Machine - Power Rack

Our 180PT® PLUS is a cleverly designed “all in one” combination of the three major exercise structures (Smith machine, Twin Weight plate Functional Trainer and Power Rack) and allows you to keep up with and perform the latest exercise techniques and training programs as well as all the tried and true basics

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Smith Machines are the ultimate when requiring a safe and controlled training environment and ideal when you really what to push your limits.

Twin Functional training Weight Plate Pulley System great for cable cross over press or fly movements, tricep push downs, bicep cable curls, back pull downs, seated rows, squat/overhead presses combination and all the FUNCTIONAL training movements (check out our video). *Weight Plates are not included but can be purchased separately.*

Power Rack a must for all of the compound movements to build power and speed, such as bench press, incline press, shoulder press, squats, deadlift to name a few.

Now here’s the good news … Our BRUTEforce 180PT PLUS has the three functions all in the one awesome machine PLUS heaps more.

With all of these features you will never be bored or limited in what type of training you can perform, the 180PT PLUS allows you to keep up with and perform the latest exercise techniques and training programs as well as all the tried and true basics.

Check out all the bars and accessories which are included, here are a few:
1200mm Functional training bar
2 x stirrup handles
D handle wide grip pull down bar, great for all back exercises
Short straight bar, ideal for biceps and tricep movements
V handle bar
Tricep rope
Close grip V handle for seated rows and pull downs
Harness for abdominal crunches
Velcro ankle strap for Adductor and Abductor leg exercises
TORSONATOR a great tool for rotational/anti-rotational core training and bent over rows

Other GREAT Features include:

Chin up handles positioned at top of power rack
Dipping handles which attach to the front power rack
Spotter/safety arms x 2 attach to power rack
J hooks x 2 to hold regular or Olympic bars
Unique (non-jamming) nylon ring sliding system for smith machine and weight plate sliders
Steel Fixing ring positioned front of power rack for TRX or BRUTEforce Extreme Strap
Weight plate storage rods
Weight barbell storage cups

AND this is the PLUS in the 180PT PLUS:
(YOU also get all of the following)

Adjustable Bench by BruteForce™ ABK008 constructed in quality steel with “TUFF” black hammer tone and chrome finish. Fully adjustable from decline to flat to incline to upright with 6 back adjustment positions and 4 seat adjustment positions also fitted with two foam rollers for securing feet when performing decline movements or sit ups
Olympic Bar BruteForce™ OB86D with spring collars Precision construction and rated to 700lbs, chrome with steel sleeve & copper ring, Length: 2200mm (86inches), Weight: 20kgs
Xtreme Strap by BRUTEforce® does all that the TRX does.  Builds strength, increases flexibility and develops core stability and power...anytime you want, anywhere you want. All you need is a door, a tree branch, or attach it to the fixing ring on your 180PT PLUS
Power Resistance/Assistance Bands by BRUTEforce® are made ‘TUFF’ to enable you expand your range of assisted exercises great for assisting when doing dips or chins. Made by a one-piece moulded construction, offering a safe, strong, maximum load work out for sport specific and rehabilitation training exercises. 3 different strength levels included
In More Detail

Functional Trainer has 2 free moving weight plate sliders capable of holding Olympic or regular weight plates. The cables are Commercial Grade aircraft cable (rated 600kg) and fitted with commercial grade pulleys for quiet smooth motion.  Also included are 2 stirrup handles and a functional training bar.

Smith Machine, superior design and engineering ensure a safer and more natural range of movement when the body is in action. The unique patented slider design ensures a smooth even movement through the entire length of the steel shafts.

  Power Rack fitted with “spotter” (safeties) arms and J-Hooks that are quick and easy to remove or adjust.

Chin Up Bar great for a variety of exercises.

Torsonator, fits both Olympic and regular size bars. This is a great way to train the core with Power, Anti Rotation and Rotation movements, also ideal for bent over rows etc.

Weight Plate Storage Rods, the 2 rods are positioned at the rear of the unit to hold your weight plates when not in use.

Attachment Storage is conveniently positioned and designed to store handles, ropes, harness, dipping grips and spotter (safety) arms when not in use.

Fixing Ring for TRX or BRUTEforce Xtreme Straps positioned front and center it offers a great fixing point for a variety of training tools.

Compact Footprint is just another pleasant surprise with our 180PT PLUS. Even with all of its features and all the exercise functions it can achieve, it still only occupies; 1840mm (width) x 1550mm (length) x 2240mm (Height).

Constructed from the highest quality steel by top craftsmen, this is truly a unique concept.